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Tasty  Pet Organic Bakery  Make Life Better


We started Organic Bakery Tasty Pet because we wanted for ours dogs a biscuit that was natural and delicious. 
We wanted to create an ideal biscuit for the health of our dogs, to be able to give them every day in quantity without any problems and to make them this tasty pleasure.
A biscuit that we’d be proud to share whit every people take care and love animals. 
It turns out that pets food is made of a Poultry by-product meal and filled with questionable substances like preservatives artificial flavors and BHA, BHT. 
We knew we could do better.
We thought that to offer a complete food to all dogs, our line of products had to be articulated around four ranges: monoproteic, gluten free, biologic, and universal.
And so we created a line of organic biscuits, that reflect our core values: 
Real and fresh ingredients, delicious flavors, and healthy products .